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Test you Seinfeld Knowledge!

According to Jerry, what are the four worst words in the English language?
a. Whose bra is this?
b. We have to talk
c. Master of your domain
d. I forgot your name

Before they came up with George’s fake name of Art Vandelay, which option did Jerry and George not consider?
a. Art Core
b. Burt Harbinson
c. Ivan Testikov
d. Art Coverlay

When Elaine house-sits for Jerry, he prohibits her from having sex in his appartment. But if she must, where does he tell her to do it?
a. On the kitchen counter
b. On the couch
c. In the tub
d. On the fire escape

Who does George say he looks like in Monk’s bathroom mirror?
a. Patrick Stewart
b. Robert Wagner
c. John Ritter
d. Yul Brynner

Under what circumstances would Jerry have been friends with Stalin?
a. If he was a good joke teller
b. If he had a ping pong table
c. If he had better clothes
d. If he had a geat signing voice

Jerry Guess that they old folks in “Cocoon: The Return” came back to Earth for which reason?
a. To see “The English Patient”
b. To find a parking space
c. To go to a Mets game
d. To eat Chinese food

How much does Elaine offer Jerry to kill a couple of cats?
a. $28
b. $55
c. $123
d. $399

How does George make himself sound casual when taling on the phone to a woman?
a. He speaks to nonexistent people
b. He hums a show tune
c. He chews an apple
d. He burbs

What is the name of the cafe that the group goes to, to eat at only a few
times. One episode it was in was when Elaine was in “bizarro world”. The
cafe did not have a big salad and it upset Elaine, what was the name of this
A. Monk’s
B. Poppie’s
C. The Magic Pan
D. Reggie’s

What is George Costanza’s middle name?
A. Larry
B. Lenny
C. Loius
D. Lourne

What was the last name of the family that Jerry single handily put into the
hospital because they thought he thought he was better than them?
A. Mandelbom
B. O’Doyle
C. Mischke
D. Watley

According to George, what is “the only candy with the cookie crunch”?
A. 100 Grand
B. Twix
C. Three Musketeers
D. Nestle’s Crunch

After Elaine viewed “The English Patient” with her boss and he found out she
hated it, the only way she could keep her job would be if she agreed to go
to the country of ________.
A. Burma
B. Egypt
C. Tunisia
D. Kenya

When Kramer went to Los Angeles for a few episodes who was the celebrity
whom he encountered and asked to read over his script. They were both
sitting in the same cafe. Who was the celeb?
A. Jay Leno
B. Ted Danson
C. Fred Savage
D. Mel Brooks

Who was dubbed as a “regifter” in “The Label Maker” episode?
A. Tim Watley
B. Kenny Banya
C. Jackie Chiles
D. George Costanza

What is the name of the resort where Jerry’s parents reside?
A. Del Boca Vista – Phase 7
B. Del Boca Vista – Phase 9
C. Del Boca Vista – Phase 5
D. Del Boca Vista – Phase 10

In the episode in which a colleague at work always “sidles” up on Elaine,
what does Elaine give him to help solve his, and most importantly her,
A. A pair of tap dancing shoes
B. A necklace with a bell on it
C. A package of Tic-Tacs
D. A box of Jujubees