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A brief Seinfeld history:

JULY 5, 1989: Pilot airs on NBC; it is called “The Seinfeld Chronicles.”
MAY 31, 1990: First regular episode airs; Elaine is introduced.
JUNE 21, 1990: Fifth and final episode of season is aired.
JAN. 23, 1991: Series returns as second-season replacement.
JAN. 30, 1991: “The Pony Remark” introduces Uncle Leo.
APRIL 4, 1991: Elaine shrieks “Get Out!” for the first time.
APRIL 18, 1991: Newman is heard for the first time.
JUNE 26, 1991: 17th and final episode of season.
SEPT. 18, 1991: First full season of series kicks off with “The Note.”
JAN. 29, 1992: Newman is seen for the first time.
FEB. 12, 1992: First hourlong episode, “The Boyfriend,” featuring Keith Hernandez, Newman and a parody of “JFK.”
MAY 6, 1992: Season-ending episode features Kramer on “Murphy Brown.”
AUG. 12, 1992: Season begins with two-parter that puts Kramer, George and Jerry in Los Angeles.
SEPT. 16, 1992: The character of Susan Ross makes her debut.
NOV. 18, 1992: The phrase “master of your domain” makes its debut in “The Contest.”
FEB. 11, 1993: Another catch phrase: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”
MARCH 18, 1993: The world meets “Mulva” in “The Junior Mint.”
MAY 20, 1993: Season ends with the pilot for a failed sitcom starring Jerry Seinfeld.
NOV. 4, 1993: Rudolph Giuliani appears in an episode linked to the New York City mayoral election, which occurred two days before.
FEB. 24, 1994: Kramer’s friend Mickey makes his debut.
MAY 19, 1994: George lands a job with the Yankees, while Elaine loses her publishing position.
SEPT. 22, 1994: The debut of Mr. Pitt.
NOV. 17, 1994: Actor Jon Voight makes an appearance, bites Kramer.
APRIL 27, 1995: Dave Puddy makes his first appearance.
MAY 18, 1995: Bette Midler appears in “The Understudy”; J. Peterman makes his debut.
SEPT. 21, 1995: George and Susan get engaged.
NOV. 2, 1995: “No soup for you!” — “The Soup Nazi” makes his appearance.
JAN. 25, 1996: Series offers an O.J. Simpson parody, with Jackie Chiles hollering in court: “If the bra fits, you must acquit.”
FEB. 8, 1996: Hourlong episode ends with a “Nixon” parody.
MAY 16, 1996: Susan Ross dies from licking envelopes.
SEPT. 19, 1996: Eighth season opens without co-creator Larry David, the real person behind George.
MARCH 13, 1997: Lloyd Bridges makes his debut as Izzy Mandelbaum.
APRIL 24, 1997: “Yada, Yada, Yada.”
SEPT. 25, 1997: Ninth and final season begins.
NOV. 20, 1997: The backward episode airs.
DEC. 25, 1997: Seinfeld announces the ending of the show.
MAY 14, 1998: Seinfeld Finale airs in the United States 🙁